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Branford - Trinity Church on the green

1109 Main Street
Classes held in office building *behind* the church
Branford, CT

The Trinity church is located on the town green 1109 Main street (White Church with Red doors - beside Town Hall).  

Parking: On street parking.  There are also 2 municipal parking lots in town. One on Main St, and the other is around the back of the church *off Montowese Ave*.

Classroom location:  Ou class room is in "Office building entrance" at the back of the church.  Head down the stairs and our classroom is located at the bottom of the stairs.


Entrances: PLEASE NOTE there are 2 ways to get to the Office building depending on where you park. Off Main street, and off Montowese Ave.  Below are photos of both entrances to the office building. 


Entrance from Main street

Entrance from Montowese Ave  - photo below






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Branford - Trinity Church on the green