Instrument Lessons


Children's Ukulele Lessons - Ages 5.5 years old and up (Parents invited)

Classes started in the spring 2016 will continue in the fall 

This trial intro session is a chance to try out the ukulele for younger children to see if they may be ready to sit for a 30 minute lesson and to see if their little fingers can press down on the strings.  The hope will be to continue with this group of new players for subsequent semesters.

Group lessons: The Ukulele is a wonderful, easy, stringed instrument that's just the perfect size for your child to play.   Your child will be singing a song and strumming the Ukulele the first week of class.  We will introduce some fun, easy songs for your child to learn.  Classes are $20 per class (half hour group lesson).  We are also offering parents or siblings (5.5 and older) to learn the ukulele with the group at a reduced rate of $5 per class (parents or siblings who can already play can join the class for free).  Students must have their own ukuleles (Uke's are a really inexpensive instrument, so a great way to introduce an instrument to your child).  Please email if you are interested in signing up for this class. 


Children's Group guitar lessons - Ages 8 years old and up - parents are invited 

Tues 5:15 Woodbridge location    *  Begins Jan 26th

This will be a beginners class, where your child will learn the anatomy of the guitar, chords, strumming patterns and will be singing some fun songs in just a few weeks. Cost will be determined by number of enrolled students and will be kept to a minimum as it will be a group lesson. Student must have their own guitar.  Parents/grownups: Grown ups who can already play can join us for free.  Parents who can not play yet and would like to learn in this class will only pay $5 per class.  If interested in this class, please call 203.691.9759 or email Please read information below on when your child is ready for instrument lessons.


Adult Group guitar lessons

Liz McNicholl currently teaches group adult guitar lessons at the intermediate level (Thurs at 7:30pm) -- if you are considering this class, you should be able to play a few basic chords.  

Private lessons may also be scheduled based on availability.   If you are interested in finding out more please call Liz at Tel: 203-691-9759 or email


At what age should my child start playing an instrument?

There is no hard and fast rule here. While some children can start as early as 3 or 4, many teachers would not encourage it until a child is closer to 6. The bottom line is that all children are different and you are the best judge of your own child's degree of readiness. 
There are a few important factors for you to consider. Is your child asking to play something? Is he/she able to sit and focus for about a half an hour?
Do you think they would be able to practice on a regular basis? 

The answer to all of these questions may help you in deciding at what age your child is ready to start. The important thing is to make it fun for them at a young age and not to push too much. If you would like to talk through any of this, talk to your Music Together® Teacher.
Regardless of when you decide to begin, the fact that you are bringing your child to an early childhood educational music program on a consistent basis will really help to prepare your child for music lessons giving them a solid musical foundation. We have heard many piano teachers say that they wish all parents would take their children to an early childhood music program such as Music Together to really build the important foundation of music before starting an instrument.

Congratulations to you, as you've already given your child this skill through our classes. May you continue to bring the joy of music into your family life. Being able to play an instrument brings amazing joy to the player and those around them. Besides all the other benefits that they will gain.