Winter 2019 Class Cancellations

The following classes have been cancelled during the Winter 2019 semester. Cancelled classes have been extended on our website. You can view the last date of your class for the winter by clicking on Classes and then on your class tab. 

Thursday, January 17th,  9:30 am Cheshire - Ana Sick

Monday, January 21st, 9:30 am Woodbridge - Inclement Weather

Weds, Jan 30th. AFTERNOON classes cancelled (Uke, MT, R. Kids) due to snow and Icy conditions (schools called early dismissals).

Tues, February 12th, All morning and afternoon classes cancelled - inclement weather

Weds, Feb 20th - morning classes ran,  All afternoon classes cancelled. Note: R. Kids class NOT extended for this week's class, families will go to Woodbridge Thurs class (on the 21st instead of - other family away).  Ukulele classes pending as of 9am.

Thursday, February 21st, 4:20 pm Beginners Ukulele in Woodbridge - Elise Sick

Thursday, Feb 28th- Woodbridge classes cancelled as Liz had a conflict.  Classes extened on web.

Saturday, March 2nd - All classes cancelled in all locations due to snow.

Monday, March 4th - All classes cancelled due to snow. Classes extended on web.