Spring/Summer 2020 Information

Spring 2020  - Music Together® Classes ONLINE 

We are still taking registrations for our Spring Music Together ONLINE Classes.  Ongoing throughout the semester.  For more information email us at info@MusicalFolk.com (and see more details below) . 

Summer 2020

Summer, Yippee!  We can't wait for sunny, warm days, afternoons outside and mornings making Music Together with our families ONLINE.  We are working out the details of the summer semester which will start on Monday July 6th.  Registration will be open on Monday, May 11th. 

Spring 2020 Class Information

The "show will go on" for our classes, which may not be the case for other activities. Children's programs like libraries/toddler programs concerts etc may be cancelled due to large crowds they will attact or to the inability to be done online.  Being able to provide Music Together as an actual curriculum with our gorgeous books and music is something that not everyone will be able to enjoy with young children during this time.   
We feel so lucky that we have the ability to still reach out to all our families on FB live, which we know does not come close to what our classes are like in person.  One thing to remember is that our classes are not about the interaction with the teacher or the interaction with the other children (although those are some amazing benefits), our classes have always, and will continue to be, about the bond that you have with your child.  We don't sing in to your child's ear, you do.  They don't sit on our lap for Ridin' in the car, they choose your lap every time!  You child doesn't want to dance with us, they want to be held and dance with you - their favorite teacher of all!
We think that this will be something that many families will look forward to each week. Enrolled families will also to replay and rewatch the classes in our closed FB page (and with a private link to YouTube if you aren't on Facebook). Families will be able to tune in 6 days a week if they want to be apart of a LIVE, interactive class. This will also be a bonus and looking at the book and pictures as we singalong keeps the learning through music going at home.  We have so much in store for our enrolled families - check it all out here
Our teachers love what they do and they are incredibly talented. Music has a way of brightening everyone's day - it's quite amazing really the power of music and how it can distract us. This is especially going to be important during the next few weeks.  We feel so passionately obviously about this program and the incredible benefits of music, but in particular the benefits for this semster will be immense
We can't wait to sing and dance with your family virtually in class and we know that you will love it.  And no matter what, we will still enjoy making music this semester with your family.
Hoping this will all pass soon and we wish you a healthy, happy and musical spring. 
Don't forget to check out Miss Christina's video for a fun way to keep up with washing your hands!!

Refund Policy - Updated March 2020

We may have been very creative this semester making sure that our families have a multitude of music classes and activities to keep them busy these weeks at home.  We understand that FB live classes are not the same as your in-class experience, as singing in class with our families is the most amazing experience for everyone. Keep in mind that you are your child's best "music teacher" and another wonderful advantage of tuning in to our FB live videos, will give the growups the tools needed to learn the songs we will be doing this semester and some of the movements to enhance your child's learning.  Even if you want to limit your child's screen time, you as parents can tune in, and you'll be ready to continue the music making at home with your child. That is the one thing that will never change with our classes whether they are in person or virtually - they are a special bonding experience between you and your child.  It doesn't matter how many kids are in the class or who the teacher is, your child will always prefer you! 

We also know that if we didn't offer Music Together Online, so many of our families would really miss our classes. Seeing their teacher on whether virtually is a thrill and allows the music making to still happen.  We have worked endlessly to make these classes through Music Together Online the best!    

Please keep me mind that we are a very small company:  As you can imagine, this is impacting us financially beyond belief already as it is for the whole economy around the world.  I have worked so hard to build this buisness over the years.  My dedicated, talented teachers and I all work many different jobs to try to make ends meet and all of these other jobs have come to a halt as well during this period.  We will weather this storm together & we hope that you consider supporting our very small, organic and beautiful business. 

We hope that this passes soon and everyone remains healthy and safe and we can get back to normal with classes in our locations very soon with all our families.

Much Love

Liz and all our Musical Folk teachers.