Ukulele Classes (ages 5 and older)

Children's Ukulele Lessons - Ages 5 years old and up (Parents invited)


Fall 2018: We will have Group lessons in our Woodbridge location starting in September- day and time to be announced soon!  


Make the world a better place by playing music!  


Research by John Hopkins University has shown that playing an instrument requires more of the brain than any other activity which overtime leads to musicians having a stronger, more diverse neural structure than non-musicians.  Music learning develops so many skills, including musical ability, confidence, problem solving, social, and congnitive skills and develops a love of music that lasts a life time.  Music fills the soul and brings joy to those who play and those who listen. 


Our Ukulele classes are fun and such an easy instrument to learn and wonderful for children who love to sing and want to accompany themselves on an instrument. Within our first lesson we will have your child playing chords and singing along to songs.  Each week we build on adding new chords and adding to their repetoire of fun, well known folk songs.   At the end of the winter and spring semesters, we do a concert for family and friends (cost includes the concert), and is a wonderful opportunity to show off the skills learned in class and a great way to build confidence for singing in public. 

Some fun facts about the ukulele:


* The Ukulele is a wonderful, easy, 4 stringed instrument that's just the perfect size for your child to play and the grown ups too!  And a cool and popular instrument that is taking the world by storm lately as it's so easy to play and so easy to sing along to. 


* A wonderful opportunity for children who love to sing as well as accompany themselves in song with this versatile small instrument.  We sing some easy, well loved songs from our very first class.  


* The perfect instrument to carry anywhere with you (even heading out on vacation or the park), and they can jam along with parents or friends on guitar or any instrument.  A nice little acoustic instrument that doesn't need to be plugged in.


* Very affordable instrument to purchase (usually ranging between $45 - $100) and our group lessons makes it enjoyable to learn and affordable tuition.  Please email to find out more about purchasing an instrument


* We start at age 5 (being able to read is helpful and can sit for 20-30 mins in class and practice at home).


* The semester includes a concert open to family and friends at the end of the semester to showcase some songs that the children have learned and to give them valuable experience in performing infront of an audience and building their confidence. 


Tuition:  Classes are $27 per class (half hour group lesson * cost depends on the number of students).  We are also offering a special introductory price at a reduced rate of $20 per class for the first semester for accompanying siblings (sibling must be 5 and older).

Parents taking lessons for the first semester, the cost is $5 a class (subsequent semesters the parents will be free).  Please email if you are interested in signing up for this class, and for information regarding purchasing a ukulele.


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