Class Policies

 Inclement Weather

In case of inclement weather, please check our website up to ONE hour before your class is scheduled to start if the weather is bad.  With a lot of snow days in the New England area we try to only cancel class on days that the school district has deemed a snow day.  There are many days where schools are on delays, however if we had to cancel for school delays we would never be able to get through our winter semester (and to delay our classes would still be problematic as the children's nap would still interfere with delays).  

Our general rule of thumb is, if schools are on a "delayed" opening in the town where you take class, then we will have class that day, at the regularly scheduled time.  If the schools in the town where you take class are closed due to inclement weather, our classes will be canceled in that town - however we have made exceptions to this when schools are on vacation, or a teacher can't make it to a class, or for afternoon classes when weather has become progressively worse in the afternoon hours. If in doubt, please check our website.  A message will be posted on the HOME page *if* class is canceled.

Please check our website before heading out to class for both morning and afternoon classes. If a class is canceled, we will extend that class an extra week at the end of the semester.  However, if a class is canceled due to snow, we will extend an extra week, *except* when we have had to cancel twice for inclement weather (for the same class twice in a semester).  We will try to squeeze in an extra class at the end of the semester in this case, but it is not always possible as we quickly approach our next semester & will offer you an opportunity to do a makeup in any of our classes during this semester or the spring semester.  You will receive an email from our office if this should happen.  All extended dates of classes are listed on the "Classes page", just look for the end date.


If you have older kids who are home for delayed school openings, you are welcome to bring them to class, or you can choose to do a makeup anothe day.  Or if you are concerned about driving in inclement weather, we understand, and we will offer you the opportunity to schedule a makeup if that is the case.  It is ultimately your decision whether you want to brave driving in weather you don't feel comfortable driving in, and for this reason, we will offer you extra makeups in the winter semester.


If you, or your child is sick, we ask that you do not come to class. We want the children to be able to attend as many classes as possible, and therefore we allow you to attend two makeup classes per semester. These classes should be made up within the same semester and scheduled in advance by signing up on our On-Line Make-up Scheduler. You can sign up for a makeup right up until the moment of the class. Click on the page to "Schedule a Makeup" and follow directions to sign up for a make-up class in whatever location you like. Note: If the make-up scheduler says “no make-up available”, that make-up has been taken and you need to select another. PLEASE!!! DO NOT SHOW UP as we do not want to overfill our classes.


Please feel free to discretely nurse your infant but we ask that you do not bring food or drinks into the classroom as this will help us keep our classrooms clean.  You may give snacks/drinks in our foyer areas, but please do not bring NUTS OF ANY KIND into the foyer areas as we have children with various nut allergies.


Please do not bring toys to class.  Toys can be a distraction to other children in the class who may also want to play with them.  If your child is bringing a "Lovie" (toy that they bring everywhere with them for comfort), and it becomes a distraction for other children in the classroom, we will ask the parent to help us guide their child to put the toy in a safe place until class is over (somewhere where they can still see it, but out of reach from others)

Cell phones

Please turn all cell phones to their "off" or "vibrate" mode during class.   If you need to take an urgent/important phone call, we ask that you take the call outside the classroom so as not to distract others in the room.

Musical Behavior

Children are encouraged to move and explore the music in whatever way they feel comfortable. Some children like to watch intently from mom’s lap while others enjoy moving around the room singing and playing. It is very important to respect each individual child’s learning style. Please keep in mind, however, that we do not allow your child to run, hit, throw, or grab in class. Our teachers strive to maintain a safe and fun environment for everyone. Please assist them by helping your child with our rules.

To make those most of your class experience

Participate: Your child needs to see you playing music. You are your child’s most influential role model, regardless of your own musical ability. Let your child see you having fun!

No Talking in class: Resist the urge to speak verbal instructions to your child during class. You are welcome to chat with friends before and after class, however please refrain from chatting during class as it is a distraction to the teacher and everyone else in the room.  Most importantly, we want the children to be thinking musically for the entire class, and we are also trying to teach the children to be active participants in all that they do. If you absolutely need to speak, please do it quietly, or take your child to the waiting area.

Let your child be: Children learn through the process of play. They want to touch, move, watch, listen, explore and have fun! Let your child discover his/her own way and let them see you make music yourself!

Make music at home: Our classes are only 45 minutes, once a week. Play the CD in the car or at home, and don’t forget to make music at home, during your daily routines, dressing, playing, cooking in the kitchen, bath time, and bed time lullabies. You’re the real music teacher and doing all this at home, will enrich their musical experience.

If you have any questions about the program or your child’s musical development, touch base with the teacher.

Have a wonderful Semester!!