Creative Movement class ages 4-7 for boys & girls

Fall schedule - following class choices  


Saturdays 11:30  in Hamden "Musical Folk" studio I


Cap at 8 students

Teacher: Val McKee

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The  "Creative Movement Class" for girls & boys ages 4- 7 is taught by our very own Musical Folk Teacher, Val McKee. In Val’s class, the children will continue to hone the skills they’ve learned in our music classes, such as moving to a beat and accurately producing rhythm patterns, while learning the fundamentals of ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, and other forms of dance. We’ll jump, wiggle, spin, and play our way through a variety of cultural music and rhythms.

Research has shown a direct connection between early exposure to creative movement and later interest in playing a musical instrument. “Real” instruments are, in fact, just extensions of the body’s ability to be musically expressive. With that in mind, Val McKee has created a movement curriculum that serves as a bridge between a child’s basic music competency and the structure of independent dance or music lessons.

Over the years, Val has seen children enter formal dance and private music lessons prematurely, which has inspired her to develop this curriculum. In Val’s creative movement class, students will become more prepared for the challenges and expectations of those more structured classes, as they gain confidence, focus, and strength through developmentally appropriate exercises.

Val McKee has been teaching with Musical Folk since 2009. She is a classically trained ballet and modern dancer who graduated from Walnut Hill School for the Arts and later trained at SUNY Purchase. Val formally taught Dance and Dance History in New Haven Public Schools and continues to dance as often as she can—especially in her kitchen with her three boys, Carson, Raleigh, and Simon. She is thrilled to be introducing this movement curriculum through Musical Folk, and to continue enriching the creativity of children

*Children are asked to arrive in “movable” clothing.  Parents should plan on staying for the duration of the first class.  To register for the semester, please email




“We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once.” 

 Friedrich Nietzsche