Fairy Tale Friends Events

Are there Disney movies playing on repeat at your house?  Does your child know every word to "Let it Go" or "How Far I'll Go"? 

We have the perfect event for you!  

Dress up as your favorite character and join Michele for a magical music class where families dance, play, and sing along to your favorite Disney tunes.  Come to just one event, or all three. You choose!

February 22nd: "Magical Friends" - Race, sail, or ride a magic carpet to “A Whole New World” and to infinity and beyond with songs from Toy Story, Aladdin, Tangled, Cars, Princess and the Frog, Peter Pan, and Pinochio!  We’ve “Got A Dream” where “You Can Fly” and You’re “Almost There!”

March 21st: "Water Friends" - We’re going on a “Sea Cruise” “Into the Unknown“! "Go swimming” “Under the Sea” to that “Part of Your World” where there are “Three Little Fishes” doing the “Limbo Rock”, “Just Around the Riverbend”.  Who knows what songs we’ll sing and “How Far You’ll Go” “Beyond the Sea”?  For snack “You’re Welcome“ to enjoy a seaside picnic with flavored water and goldfish. See you “...by the sea shore”! 

April 18th: "Animal Friends" - We’ll have a “Very Merry Un-Birthday” tea party and sing along to all your favorite Disney animal tunes. “You’ll be in My Heart” as we look for the “Bare Necessities” and sing a “Happy Little Working Song”.  Includes songs from Alice in Wonderland, Jungle Book, Tarzan, Lion King, Oliver & Co, Beauty & the Beast, 101 Dalmatians, Spirit, Cinderella, Enchanted and Frozen.

May 23rd: "Boy-Friends" - Let’s get down to business and sing with the boys of Disney! “Life’s a Happy Song” when you “Go the Distance”, get “Lost in the Woods” and “Wish Upon a Star”. Includes songs from Coco, Hercules, Mulan, Frozen 1&2, Snow White, Pinocchio, the Muppets, Cars, Moana and Aladdin. Snack and drink included.

Reserve your space thru Musical Folk by clicking below.  Spaces are limited and are filling up fast. 

Payment will be taken at the event. Classes are $15 per child.

**Note - These Fairy Tale Friends events are different from our Music Together® classes.  Fairy Tale Friends are a magical event for families that want to experience music in conjunction with our weekly classes.

Class Date Teacher Payment

Fairy Tale Friends Events (ages 2-6) Saturday Dec 14, 2019 1 week 3:00 PM Michele Urban Payment due at door