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I want to thank you a million times over for this wonderful program! Our daughter's engagement with music and love of the class grows as she grows. Even as I type this message we are rocking out to the "Sticks" CD because we start every day with a request for "Songs Please!" from our toddler. Jen Sciglibaglio is a phenomenal teacher and does such a wonderful job keeping sessions engaging. We have been attending Music Together® with her since our daughter was four months old, and as she grows we are thrilled with her burgeoning love of music, natural understanding of rhythm and tone, and her confidence inside and outside of class. Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful experience to us all as a family. We'll be with you until she times out of being able to attend!

Sarah Insley Say

I had the pleasure of watching my now 3 year old son, Noah, grow in so many ways because of this program and because of Jen. He learned more than JUST music because music is MORE than JUST music. He gained confidence in his abilities and his comfort level with others. He took risks and chances with new musical instruments and by the end of this last session, would line up 3-4 drums during free play and then take a drum solo right before clean-up. He can now clap along to the beat and sings Ram-Sam-Sam so fast he starts to laugh. The songs have become staples in our life and he will change the lyrics to fit the day. He learned the music through class and the CD, but he learned to LOVE the music because of Jen.

Jen Dangora

My daughter Maria and I have greatly enjoyed music class with Nancy on Tuesday morning this past fall. She is always excited to sing and dance with her new friends. Maria has a language delay due to a seizure disorder and we have seen a significant increase in her ability since beginning the music class. Having two CD's with the music is wonderful and allows her to sing familiar songs everywhere we go, as well as at home. She especially enjoys the 'songs' that are the imprint sounds. These have been the most helpful in her language development. On the advise and encouragement of her doctors I have registered her for two classes. Thanks for a great program that is helping us 'unlock' Maria's words.

Stacey-Lyn Lanza

Music class is the highlight of AJ's week since we started taking classes a year ago.  In the first class, you told us that "all children are musical". I didn't buy into that statement at first because I had never seen my son be musical in any way. Exposing him to the class proved me wrong. In fact, AJ is extremely in tune with rhythm and song. He loves playing instruments around the house and singing along to all kinds of songs.  AJ has also become socialized with other children.  This is because he consistently attending this high energy, focused class, that he does not normally get as he does not attend day care. Over time, he has become more kind, less aggressive, and more helpful to others. He loves music and even though he has attended other classes like gym class and swimming, he has gotten the most out of this particular class than any other experience. We love attending as a family and have told everyone who will listen about how positive an experience it has been for him.

Anna Lisa Aurora

"Thank You!" for helping Lily and Connor to develop a love of music. I have always been musical (singing, dancing and playing the flute), and hoped that when I had children, that they would be musical as well. With the help of you and Music Together, our house breaks out in song at home, in the car, and just about everywhere that we go. Whenever music comes on (even the ringtone to my cell phone) wherever we are, Connor (18mths) immediately starts shaking his hips and rocking his shoulders back and forth-much to the amusement of everyone around him! Lily (now 3) has come to Music Together since she was 3 months old and loves to sing and dance-she's really quite good at both! 

I really feel that Music Together not only has been fun for my children, but has contributed cognitively, socially and developmentally. So again, I want to say "Thank you!".

Jennifer Sullivan

We are so amazed at the response our 10 1/2 month old has had to Music Together. There are songs on the cd that will make him drop what he is doing, sit in front of the stereo and pat a beat in his lap. He even asks for the music when it is not on. His confidence and socialization skills have blossomed so beautifully from week one to week ten of class. Even his ability to "play" with instruments has increased dramatically; he absolutely LOVES drums and surprised us with his reaction to the triangle he got for Christmas. We are so thankful for the opportunity we have had to share these musical experiences with him. We can't wait to see what new skills he develops in our next semester.

Alexandra Yergeau

We started Music Together when our daughter was just 11 months and it has been amazing. She loves listening to her CDs and now that she’s a bit older, she sings (or hums) her favorite songs throughout the day. It also really helped her language development. Music Together is great at giving kids of all ages a chance to experience music in their own ways. It embraces all learning styles. Our daughter loves to hop around and bang on the drum. Others sing or dance or just sit on their momma’s lap and soak it all in. It’s a wonderful introduction to music for our little one. 

Our Music Together class has become a little community. We look forward to seeing our friends and singing and dancing and laughing and playing instruments together. 

Liz rocks. If Bono was offering this class in the next room, I’d still sign up for Liz’s class.

Marc & Tanya Michaelson

Out of all the activities we do, Haley gets the most out of her music class. She is not even 2 but can sing a tune, keep a beat and knows a ton of songs. She is constantly singing to herself, either songs from class or ones she makes up. It has also helped her come out of her shell around her peers. Thank you Music Together.

Allison Ehri Kreitler

I attend the Saturday class in Woodbridge with my one year old daughter Kara. The fall was our first Music Together class. She seemed to enjoy the music and dancing and was enthralled by watching Nik play the guitar, but she never really participated. The last class of the semester I was so surprised when she participated along with every song! She was clapping along, hitting the sticks together along to the music, and making all the hand motions. It was so much fun watching her development over the ten weeks. I can't wait for the next session!

Sarah Hirx

My husband and I loved being a part of the Music Together program with our daughter! This beginning as an infant started her love of music and her interest in tones, patterns and songs. We are always getting comments from our (now) 4year olds teachers about her music acumen, thank you!

Katie Byrnes

I have no doubt Music Together was instrumental (pun intended!) in helping to inspire and develop my son's great love of music. The class was also a wonderful way for us to spend time together as a family, having fun and letting go of expectations. Liz and Nik, the teachers we had classes with, are wonderful with children and each was a great presence in our child's life. I can't recommend these classes with more enthusiasm.

Aviva Luria

Our son, Andrew, has been going to Musical Folk for more than 6 months and absolutely loves it. The classes have helped his socialization, motor skills, and he just loves to dance all of the time.

Darleen & Joe DeRosa

Music Together has been such an important and enriching part of our daughter's first two years. She has absolutely loved it from the beginning. She's gone from banging along on the drums, to singing and dancing to each song. It's been wonderful to see her love of music grow. The friendships, the music, the fun, I can't imagine our lives without it!

Annie Adams

Our son, Cooper, has a rare genetic condition that brings with it significant development delays. He has always been very responsive to music and our Music Together classes are an extraordinary addition to our other therapies. The songs have become a part of our daily routine, play, and communication. Cooper has created signs for different songs and the lyrics have helped us reinforce words he's learning to sign. Music Together songs will be a part of our repertoire for a long time to come!

Christina Montanari

Musical Folk has been such an important part of our lives. I began bringing my daughter, Rylie, to the babies' class when she was just 4 months old. From the start, I recognized a little spark in her eyes whenever the music would start. I also recognized how wonderful it was for me as a new mother to have an opportunity to meet other new moms. I am happy to say that I am still friends with the women who I began the babies' classes with, and that having music to look forward to helped so much in those first few months. Now that Rylie is almost 18 months old, I can see how much she has gained from these classes. The CDs have also been very helpful in the car and are played very frequently in our home. Rylie loves singing and dancing to the songs and now requests specific songs. Thanks to Becky and Musical Folk for providing us with a wonderful musical experience that my daughter and I look forward to every week.

Mary-Kathleen Whitten

My daughter Sophie LOVES the music classes and we play the CD ALL THE TIME at home! She dances to her favorite music andinvites me and her grandma to join her in the dance. So cute!  She also loves Becky and would love her to sing on and on if she can:) I'm so happy we did it this semester and sorry that we haven't discover you earlier...  

I've been telling everyone I know about Music Together and wish we'd done it when Sophie was younger. Sophie is shy in public, but she observes other toddlers and learns to interact with them more with every class. It's immensely gratifying for me to see how music works wonders on her personality.

Hong Liang