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Music Together Summer:

We are still taking registerations for our Online Spring semester.  But we are already making great plans for Making Music Together with you and your family this summer. Yipee!   We can't wait. 

Our Summer semester will begin on July 6th and will include Mixed Aged classes (0-5), Rhthym Kids classes (4-8) and Ukulele classes (6+). 

Music Together Online spring - still taking registrations

We all wish we could be getting into the classrooms these next weeks as we start out spring semester.  With all of us being home for the foreseeable future, we want to make sure that you can make music at home.  Music Together Head Quarters has allowed us special access to make music ONLINE with our families while we are at home.  We know it isn't the same as being in the classroom, but we are so thrilled to still be able to bring our amazing music program to you virtually this spring, and your child will thrive with all the musical fun and learning we have in store.  

When you regsiter for spring, we will get your materials to you.  This semester along with your book and CD, your family will also get 2 egg shakers for each child regsitered and a shopping bag to keep all of your home music making instruments in.  Along with your materials, you will be added to our closed Facebook group to enjoy all our classes and activities.  If you are not on Facebook, we will be sending out weekly emails just to enrolled families with links to our videos so that you can watch them on Youtube!  You can also "display" our videos on FB directly to your TV and we will show you how to do that from our FB page. 

To register for Music Together Online - Click the button   

Here is what is in store for our spring enrolled families

Online Classes - We will have Facebook live classes in our closed Facebook group 6 days a week!  See below for our schedule.  You will have the ability to attend over 130 classes from the comfort of your own home.  You can replay these videos anytime and as many times as you like.  No need to worry about missing class times!  We will also be sending out some fun coloring pages and activities througout the semester

In addition to LIVE online classes - you will get so much more!

Musical Games - Ever wonder how to take the songs we do in the classroom and use them at home with clean up time, school work, or getting ready for bed?  We are here to help you out.  We will have weekly games for you to play with your famlies at home; to help out with everything from letters to body parts to farm animals - Music Learning Supports All Learning® - so besides all the musical activities, there's tons of learning going on in a fun way. 

Sign Language - Every week, we will be holding a sign language class.  We will teach you common words and some of our lullabies and songs.  Learning sign language is a great asset for any child who wants to express themselves when feeling shy or having trouble finding the words, and it is especially helpful with babies!  Many of our families have expressed interest in learning some sign language - what better time to learn?

Arts and Crafts - We want to help you make some instruments to play at home with us.  We will also make several other fun arts and crafts over the 11 week spring semester.  We might even show you how to make bubbles!

Ukulele Lesson - Did you know that you can play one of your child's favorite Music Together songs on your child's ukulele?  It is very simple and with only 1 short lesson, you will be playing and strumming the "Hello Everybody" song.  What a treat for your kids if you can play our most loved song!  Look out for Miss Liz;s tutorial coming during our spring session.

Dance Parties - One of the most loved parts of our classes is the time when we put on a fun song and grownups get to dance with their children.  We are going to give you some songs and even a few worksouts to do in your living room so you can jam out with your family at home!

Story Time - Our teachers are so excited to read to your children.  We are going to do some of our sing along story books as well as some of our teacher's favorite books!

Music Education Tips - Every wonder why we do certain things in class?   Want to find the best way to do a particular song at home?  Why do we have so many chants or songs without words?  We are going to answer all of the questions and so many more!  These will be especially helpful to families with really young ones so that they grownups in the home can continue the music making process.


We can't wait to spend this spring session with your family "virtually"

Here is our spring 2020 schedule

Take a look at some of our families making music with us ONLINE



Please know that we are working around the clock to make sure that our spring semester is amazing as possible.  We will be giving out a coupon code to enrolled famlies towards the end of the spring semester.  This is to allow for the fee difference between the online setting and in class setting and as a thank you to families for sticking by our small, beautiful business through this difficult time.

We hope you are taking time to do some things for yourselves too as parents. With kids home all day, you too need to take care of yourself. Remind yourself to "breathe", be kind to yourself, and take this one day at a time. If possible take a walk, read a book, do some yoga/stretching, dance, or find somewhere quiet in your home to sit for a moment with a hot cup of coffee - take turns with your spouse - we will get through this together!

Remember that singing and dancing can reduce stress, make you happy, and even boost your immune system - it's true!